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Synagoge Joodse Gemeente NIG Rotterdam

Photo by Eduard Huisman

NIG Rotterdam

The Jewish Community (NIG) Rotterdam is a thriving and growing community where old and new come together. Families who have been members for generations meet new faces, and make lifelong contacts.


During the bombardment of Rotterdam in WOII, the synagogues at the Boompjes from 1725 and the Botersloot from 1891 were destroyed. The Lev Yom synagogue temporarily hosted services after the war, but this building was too small for the Jewish community of Rotterdam. Therefore, a new synagogue was built at the A.B.N. Davidsplein, which opened its doors in 1954. The square is named after Aäron Barend Davids, Chief Rabbi of Rotterdam from 1930 till 1943. 

Our building consists of a shul, a mikveh, classrooms and an event hall. Above the entrance the following text is depicted: "Seek the eternal and live".

Aansteken chanoekiah Joodse Gemeente Rotterdam
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